Restaurant Menu/Wine List Re-Brand and Digital Menu
Wild Rice, a local fine-dining vegetarian restaurant, needed an update to their menus in both a printed and digital format. Their logo needed to be updated as well to reflect their updated brand. 
There were certain constraints in this project. Wild Rice wished to reach a more high-end customer base and desired to have richer colour, styling, clarity, and an overall opulent feel conveyed in the menu to customers. Both printed and digital menus were to be designed for a more dimly lit environment as the restaurant is primarily open in the evening.
I chose a limited colour palette for this project: two dark shades of the same green hue, warm off-white, cold dark brown, beige gold. The goal was to complement the decor of the restaurant and to create menus that would become an extension of the atmosphere. 
My typeface choices are meant to add elegance and sophistication.
Food menu
Wine menu
Digital food and wine menu, continuous scroll (iPad)
Created with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Procreate
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