Hello, I'm Kate, an artist and a surface pattern designer based in Vancouver, Canada. 
Born and raised in Russia, I decided to change my life and moved to Canada when I was 27. The biggest adventure of my life has also completely changed the course of my career: from the hotel industry to a manufacturing company office, to a graphic design program, to surface pattern design.
I find inspiration in every flower I encounter, in the rich textures of the great outdoors on my hikes, from the colour palettes of impressionists, music and beautiful architecture from all around the world. My absolute favourites are large scale botanical and floral pattern designs with saturated colour palettes and painterly textures. And I love creating geometric and abstract patterns in between the endless florals. My artistic and design tools include watercolours, gouache, Procreate, Photoshop and Illustrator.
My mission is to create art that makes people happy and adds beauty to the world.
I welcome collaboration and commission enquiries, and I am always happy to make new friends on Instagram!
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